Monday, February 25, 2008

But, I gotta hit this first

I'll do the evil children thing tonight. I've got to get this one off my chest.

I've got an issue with "global warming." Not just the term, but the whole way the term is used and thought about. I mean, really, it illustrates the failings of school, mass media and the political discourse all at once.

And it wasn't Republican Senator James Inhofe exclaiming, in a Senate committee, that global warming was obviously bunk because they had just had some of their coldest winter days on record in Oklahoma City. Inhofe's got his agenda and I get that - I expect no less from him.

It wasn't even the Hi & Lois punchline this weekend that said essentially the same thing - cold winter days just mean you can worry less about global warming.

It was this dipshit I heard on NPR this weekend claiming that the reason so many NE municipalities are coming up short on road salt is that the ordered road salt at lower quantities because of global warming changing the expected need.

For the love of all that is good and holy, is the whole world fucking retarded? Is it that schools don't teach complex thinking, or that the media rewards simplistic thinking, or that the political discourse devalues thinking at all?

Listen carefully. Global warming is not a misnomer, but it is almost operating as one. When we talk about global warming, the warming we are talking about is a couple degrees of average global temperature. See, the "globe" is literally "warming."

But here comes the disconnect for the mouth-breathers. Global is big and our experience of it is small. Global warming doesn't mean it just gets warmer everywhere. When the average global temp rises two degrees, it doesn't correlate to the temperature in Oklahoma City rising two degrees. It can even, *gasp*, make it colder, on average, for the dumbass Okies that keep electing Inhofe.

While the phenomenon is correctly called global warming, the effects we experience from it can best be referred to as climate change. Yeah, doesn't have quite the pop or sizzle as global warming, does it? It's also harder to willfully misunderstand and misrepresent, so you'll rarely if ever here it from environmental opponents.

What might climate change look like? Not sweating polar bears and ocean views in Iowa. The best narrative description I've ever come across is in TC Boyle's A Friend of the Earth - at the extreme, scorching drought for six months and monsoons for six months.

Not just "warmer."

The idea that you could judge the state of global climate by looking out your fucking window has just got me fed up. Get some perspective, people, and some goddamn common sense.

I just wish, in vain, that people would learn to think, despite their teacher's failure to show them, despite the media's complicity in discouraging them, despite the politicians efforts to undermine them.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Hey, look under this leaf

Get it? I'd have to turn it over. The leaf. I know, I'm hilarious. We'll see if I end up having to file this under "writing checks my butt can't cash."

Y'see, I wish I could say that the woeful state of this blog was an isolated condition, that I was neglecting it because I've been so busy with other writing endeavors. But, that's just plain not true. I've been barely writing t'all.

There are excuses. There always are. We bought our first home in December. Not that groundbreaking, except we didn't start looking until November. There were 30 days between the start of our search and closing. Whirlwind. And then of course there was the painting and cleaning and moving and cleaning again. All amidst the worse cold-and-flu season I've ever seen. We went over a month and a half without so much as a week of family health. And the hits just keep on comin'. Yesterday I sneezed and threw out my back so badly I crumpled to the floor in a heap.

But, there was still time in there. I just haven't been using it to write. And I'm starting to feel like something inside of me is dying.

I always feel this way at the end of slumps; it's just that this one has been particularly long and bad. I haven't even been feeding my head particularly well, which is sometimes an excuse/reason for putting down the pen.

Anyway, I'm not going to let that piece actually die. I'm declaring myself back, and that includes blogging to some extent. Probably won't see much in the way of "here's what's going down in my life," but I do want top return to using this space for fleshing out and kicking around ideas as they arise.

I'm even going to go out on a limb and set myself an assignment. The evil that kids play. Watch for it. Both of you.