Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I been up to this

Oh, I been up to lots. Not so much that every single second of my life is being used, but I'm pretty sure every microdealy of energy is. The housework, that's the regular boulder up and over the hill and back again. Kid gets sick and suddenly three days disappear. An opening night at work somewhere in there, a date night that kept us out past 2am, aren't we crazy.

Just really fucking busy. I'm tired a lot. Barely got time to drink copious whiskey anymore.

One thing I'm working on at SCT is the new blog, just one more reason I haven't been here. But, I'm pretty proud of how it's shaping up, and you should totally go take a look, because the 8 hits that make up my combined readers will be a nice stats bump.

SCT Behind the Curtain